Add Timeless Elegance with Curtains and Window Drapes

In Hawaii, window drapery treatments might be as straightforward as adding a plain valance to your window curtains or window colors as of now introduced on your window, encircling the window with side boards, or dressing the window with multi-layered draperies. Residential window drapes Hawaii add immortal style to any room!


Drapery styles are produced using a heavier and lined fabric. Frequently draperies are settled and just causing a window opening. Draperies are almost dependably floor length. Residential window drapes Hawaii are perfect for putting forth an intense expression in a room. The utilization of serious colors and patterns consolidated with their bulk make them a solid component in the stylistic theme of a room.

Window treatment and drapery styles include:

Café– Curtains that dark just the base portion of the window, managing protection or clouding an undesirable perspective from a window. Incidentally, may incorporate an upper treatment of valance.

Sheer– It refers to a translucent curtain which filters light and manages some privacy. Generally, utilized as a part of pair with a heavier curtain or Residential Window Drapery Hawaii!

Lace– Like sheers aside from that lace fabric is utilized.

Gathered– Curtains or window draperies are pulled back generally most of the way up their tallness and tied back.

Top Window Treatments:

Tabbed Top– A casual look that is made by circles of fabric sewn to the highest point of the board and afterward hung over a bar.

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Shirred– It refers to firmly packed fabric along the length of the drapery rod.

Pinch Pleat– Normally three little creases gathered together at consistent interims.

Pencil Pleat– A fold in the fabric in which it is assembled firmly and barely divided with the goal that it looks like a line of pencils.

Goblet Pleat– Like a squeeze crease with the exception of that an area of fabric is left ungathered. To keep up the shape, the fabric is ordinarily loaded down with batting or hardened paper.

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Box Pleat– The fabric is collapsed freshly with segments collapsed level behind the crease and secured firmly to it backing material, for the most part, a wooden board.

Grommet– Huge gaps cut into the fabric, strengthened with fabric, metal or other material which are then strung onto the drapery bar.

Window Decorative Treatments:

Swag– A bit of pleated fabric organized in semi-hovers, evenly over a window. It might contain a single swag or it might rehash.

Jabot– A pleated board of tapered length which hangs down either side of a window. It can likewise hang between segments of a treatment.

Well, Residential Window Drapes Hawaii combine design and window decoration with practical use. These window treatments add comfort and privacy in your room. So, let’s spice up your room with elegant window drapery.


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